Open Monday to Sunday - 8am to 8pm



Urgent medical care

Our Urgent Care doctors specialise in treating medical conditions that are not life threatening and cannot wait until the next day.

Patients are triaged when they present to the clinic and those that are more seriously ill are given priority.

Accident and injury treatment

Accident and HealthCare specialise in treating patients who have had an accident and injured themselves.  From sprains, to fractures, to lacerations, our staff will look after you.

There are x-ray facilities on site so we are able to diagnose fractures quickly and simple fractures can be treated on site in our Plaster Room.  We have a fracture clinic running four days per week, so if needed fractures can be followed up regularly with one of our Urgent Care doctors to ensure they are mending correctly.

Fracture clinic

Accident and HealthCare have fracture clinics running four days per week, run by our Urgent Care qualified doctors.  Patients are referred to these after initial assessment and treatment and are on an appointment basis.  There is no surcharge for this service.

X-Ray facility on site

Bay Radiology have their x-ray facilities located within our clinic and are open from 8am to 8pm every day.  For details, please refer to their website